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PTSG Executive Board

PTSG Executive Board 
Presidents: Brie Atwater and Jennifer Bridges 
SecretariesMichelle Vignevic and Christina Defensor
Fundraising Team: John Donboli, Tara Sheridan, and Sandra Revilla-Harker 
Volunteer Coordinators: Marilou Bognot and Kelli Lawrenz
School Parish Liaison: Bridget Gramme and Jennifer Parker
Teacher/Parent Liaison: Kelli Lawrenz and Christina Defensor
Parent Teacher Stewardship Group
All parents of registered students at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School are members
of the Parent Teacher Stewardship Group (PTSG). This organization provides the
framework for active parent involvement in the school community. Additionally, it is a
forum for constructive and valuable parent input and feedback.

Parent Teacher Stewardship Group Executive Board
The PTSG Executive Board, elected by the membership, acts as a liaison
between the administration, faculty, and parent body. The PTSG Executive Board is
composed of presidents, secretaries, member at large. The Volunteer Coordinators are appointed positions on the board. The function of the PTSG Executive Board is to support the school community through community building and fundraising activities. The PTSG Board coordinates organized
opportunities for parent stewardship, which include, but are not limited to, planning
social and community-building activities; coordinating fund raising events; initiating and
maintaining relations with publics; assisting with curricular and extracurricular activities;
offering opportunities for ongoing parent education.