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St. Gregory the Great Catholic School curriculum incorporates all learning experiences: spiritual, cognitive, emotional, and kinesthetic. The curriculum is aligned with the Common Core state Standards, California Content Standards, Diocesan Curriculum Course Content Guidelines, and the school philosophy.

Along with the six core subjects ( Religion, Language Arts, Literature, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science), Fine Arts (Music, Art) and Physical Education are also a focus of curriculum.

The religion curriculum is clearly aligned with the Diocesan Curriculum Course Content Guidelines, as are all other subjects. The combination of both Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines and State Standards makes for a challenging academic program with an integrated Catholic identity.
Incorporating technology into the curriculum supports differentiated instruction and supports all aspects of student learning. Our school's 1:1 iPad program, along with wireless Internet and a robust firewall,  ensures that all students can access digital resources safely. The STEM program extends across all grade levels. Robotics and coding classes are additions  to the  STEM program in  middle school. 3D technology is also available.
The curriculum is enhanced with digital resources such as  iXL Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies, and Epic!. The Arts Attack Program is  offered as fine arts curriculum enhancement.
The school's music program features choir, music theory, and instrument instruction (keyboard, ukulele, percussion).