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Our classrooms are equipped Interactive White Boards, ultra short-throw LCD projectors, Lumens Document Cameras, and an integrated DVD/VHS/TV media system. This multi-media approach to classroom instruction support students with multiple learning styles.

Ethical use of technology will be integrated throughout the curriculum to support and enhance student learning. Integrating technology across the curriculum allows our students to apply computer skills to the writing process, develop and refine keyboarding skills, and offers instant feedback on their learning. Our school offers students at all grade levels the opportunity to diversify their learning through use of wireless Neo2 laptop computers.

A 1:1 technology program is provided to students in grades 5-8. Fifth graders use their Microsoft Surface tablets throughout the school day to enhance learning, while students in grades 6-8 utilize Netbooks.

A dedicated a secure wireless server with multiple access points ensures that a full complement of students in all grades can access the Internet safely.