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School-wide Learning Expectations

Students at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School learn in a Christ-centered environment where they are inspired to realize their God-given potential and embrace a faith-filled future of leadership, stewardship, and life-long learning.

St. Gregory the Great Catholic School students, strive to be:
   Faith-filled Catholic stewards who...
        apply gospel virtues in daily living.
        participate in the liturgy and sacraments of the Church
        grow closer to God through prayer.
        share time, talent, and treasure to serve others.

   Life-long learners who...
        establish effective goals and study skills.
        think critically to understand and apply information.
        solve problems independently and with others.
        embrace a healthy, balanced lifestyle..

   Effective communicators who...
        express ideas clearly in verbal and written form.
        listen respectfully and work well others.
        use technology with integrity.
        display high standards of courtesy and character.

  Globally-aware citizens who...
       accept responsibility for personal choices.
       commit to social justice.
       care for the Earth and respect diverse cultures.
       displays servant leadership qualities.