Student Testimonials

Grade 1

“I love our school because we get to be “Super Kid”! We can bring something to share. We also get to do PE. I like that we have new friends.” Catherine F.

“I love our school because I can make new friends. I also love it because I can get some exercise. I love our school. It makes me happy.” Ruby R.

“I love my principal. She makes everything the best every day. I love PE. Mr. Swan is the best PE teacher. Best games! I love math and Mrs. Herman. She’s the best! Logan V.

“This school is the best! I like my school because Mr. Swan is so funny and silly too. On my first day, everyone showed me my desk. I love my new friends.” Luke Z.

Grade 2

“I love St. Gregory the Great because I have a lot of friends and I get to learn about Jesus. I love my teacher, she is the best. PE is so fun. We play games and the field is so big.” Carmen K.

“I love STGGCS because they are letting us be able to be at school in person, even if COVID-19 is here. Another thing I like about this school is you can make really good friends. Last thing I like is that my school has really good teachers, good lunch/snack and really good playtime.” Drew Z.

“I love St. Gregory the Great because it has loving teachers and they are helpful. I am very grateful that we can see the school, friends, and teachers. I am really blessed to have Fr. Nick at Mass to pray for all the people who are sick and ill. I love that I can learn to read, write, and do religion.” Sophie P.

“Some things I like about my school are that I have a lot of friends. Our principal is nice and she comes to our classroom. We have really nice classrooms and I love PE.” Madeleine A.

Grade 3

“I love my school because I get to learn about God. I get to do in-person learning. I have more friends, and everyone is really kind. We have great teachers, principal, and vice principal who know what to do about COVID. There are so many great things that I can’t list them all!" Alexa Z.

I love St. Gregory because we are one of the few schools that get to go in-person full time. We see our friends every day. I also like this school because of the kind teachers and staff. We also get to play and talk at recess and lunch. This is a great school and I’m so happy I can attend St. Gregory.” Sommer C.

“St. Gregory gives me a chance to learn in - person. This school also allows us to see our friends. All of us get to play together at recess. This epic school has a lot of great teachers. The teachers are always here to help you. Every day at this school you always make new friends.” Carter R.

“What I love about my school is that I learn something new every day. Also, I get to see all my friends and share my ideas with them. It’s a better experience than Zoom. We get to play games together and pray as a community.” Kara V.

Middle School

“I love this school because everyone is so kind and will always help if you need help. I also love this school because teachers do fun projects instead of tests. Another reason I love this school is because we do fun events like the Reindeer Run!” Tyler H. Gr. 6

“I love so many things about St. Gregory, it is hard to choose a couple of things. I love how the teachers try to make it fun for us so we can have the best school day. I also love the kids because they are really kind and make you laugh.” Autumn R. Gr. 6

“What I love about STGGCS is that every day we learn something new. The staff is really nice and helpful. We stay close to our Catholic faith, and we are encouraged to have a strong connection to God. I also love that we get to learn more about our classmates, and we get to make new friends. STGGCS is a great school to connect, learn, and pray.” Faith B. Gr. 7

“I love our school, St. Gregory the Great, because our teachers are very nice, sweet, and caring. We have a loving, caring principal as well. I also love how our school is a very loving community, that makes people feel welcomed” Isabelle R. Gr. 7

“It was such a great opportunity to go to St. Gregory the Great School this year. I came here thinking that I wouldn’t have any friends, but it was quite the opposite. I made new friends really quickly and I am very blessed to have such great teachers and students in my class. I have learned so much this year and am very excited to learn even more!” Brendan M. Gr. 7

“There are many things I commend about St. Gregory the Great, but most especially the teachers. I also appreciate our school’s high regard for the Church and its constant upkeep of sacred traditions.” Adriel R. Gr. 8

“One of the things I love is having religion class because it has helped me grow closer to God. Another thing I love is the teachers. They all help whenever I am confused and are all overall great at teaching. I also love having a smaller school because you get more help when needed!” Ava B. Gr. 8

“I love the teachers and the overall community. This school is making learning and education fun even during the current time. Although sports and other activities are not happening, I am still having fun preparing for high school and hanging out with my friends.” Anna J.

“I love that at this school I am getting the education I need to succeed. My teachers are helpful, wise, and patient. I feel like the first year at this school I’ve done so much better than at my other schools. I feel well respected by students and staff and everyone is always full of kindness. It is also a blessing that I get to learn in-person and have full access to learning.” Lexi F. Gr. 6

“Something I love about St. Gregory the Great is the warm, welcoming vibes when I first came to this school. I was scared at first that the students wouldn’t want to include me in their groups, but I was so wrong. They invited me and welcomed me as a friend and now I have relationships that will last life-time and I have St. Gregs to thank for that.” Layla G. Gr. 8

“I love my school because my teachers are nice and funny. The students are also kind, and no one is mean. Another reason I love my school is we have a nice, clean campus.” Penelope H. Gr. 6

“St. Gregory the Great is a great school- it’s in the name! I love this school because of the amazing teachers. They sacrifice their time for us to help us learn and grow. They care about our education. Even though they may be harsh in giving assignments, they do it because they genuinely want us to succeed in our academics. The teachers are the reason why our school thrives.” Isabella B. Gr. 8