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All are welcome to a day of Fall Festival Fun - free admission - open to the public. This theme of this year's event is WILD WEST!
Enhancement Programs at St. Gregory the Great.
The school day extends beyond the end-of-day bell, as many students participate in after school enrichment programs.
Arts Attack- Alive and Well at St. Gregory
Parent volunteers step up as leaders in art instruction.
We ask God's Blessing as A New School Year Begins!
Off to a Great Start!
Celebrating the First Graduating Class at St. Gregory ~ Class of 2014
On Friday, June 6, the Class of 2014 graduated from St. Gregory the Great Catholic School.
May Crowning at St. Gregory the Great
Thirty-one First Communicants prepared a liturgy for our school community on May 20, which was followed by a beautiful Crowning of Mary.
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Iowa Standardized Assessments
Date: 10/20/2014
Study Hall Grades 2-8 only
Date: 10/20/2014, 2:30 PM 3:30 PM
Location: Library
Date: 10/20/2014, 2:45 PM 3:45 PM
Location: Field
Iowa Standardized Assessments
Date: 10/21/2014
Study Hall Grades 2-8 only
Date: 10/21/2014, 2:30 PM 3:30 PM
Location: Library