Responding to the call of stewardship, each family is responsible for completing a minimum of thirty (30) hours of active involvement during the school year, as outlined in the Parent Stewardship Program listed in the Family Handbook. The school office, volunteer coordinator, and classroom teacher will assist in suggesting opportunities for parent involvement.
Volunteers Need:
1.  Complete the CMG "A.  Background Check"
2.  Complete the CMG "B.  Safe Environment Curriculum"
3.  Submit proof of a current TB test within the last 4 years 
For Field Trip Drivers include the following:
4. Complete the CMG "Defensive Driving Curriculum
5. Complete the Diocesan “Volunteer Drivers Form" (attached below)
6. Submit a copy of the declarations page of vehicle insurance.
    A minimum liability limit of $100,000/$300,000 is required.
7. Submit a copy of current Driver's License
* Please note, there is a $20 processing fee for the background check which will be billed to your Facts Incidental Billing Account.
In the interest of student safety, the Diocese of San Diego mandates that all adults who come in contact with students complete the following requirements prior to beginning their service ministry at the school.  Please access all training at www.CMGconnect.org.
Attached below is the Safe Environment User instructions for more information. Expires after 5 years. Be sure to chose the school site, not the parish, when you create your account.
Volunteer Drivers must have a current copy of their driver's license and insurance declarations page on file in the school office.  The Diocese requires minimal, acceptable liability limit for privately owned vehicles of $100/$300 insurance coverage.  The Diocese also requires drivers to complete the Diocese of San Diego Volunteer Driver Form below.