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Parent Stewardship Program 2024-2025

Service and stewardship are central components of the philosophy of St. Gregory the Great Catholic School. Parent involvement in the school community sends a powerful message to our students that each of us is called to Christian service, sharing the gifts of our time, talent, and treasure. The Parent Stewardship Program encourages parents to be active participants in the education of their child, builds community, and forms a strong bond between home and school.

Call to Stewardship

Each family is responsible for completing:

  • A minimum of 30 stewardship hours (two-parent family).
  • A minimum of 15 stewardship hours (single parent family).

The service hours are to be earned beginning June 1, 2024 through May 30, 2025. St. Gregory the Great Catholic School provides a multitude of stewardship opportunities that accommodate all family schedules. Each family is responsible to:

  • Create a plan for the completion of their commitment to stewardship.
  • Record the number of service hours earned on the form provided online.
  • Submit the record to the school office by May 30, 2025.

Families may choose to pay a non-participation fee of $600 or $20 for each unearned hour (single parent fee- $300). Active parent involvement is preferred.

The Catholic Diocese of San Diego mandates that all adults who volunteer at our school must complete the following requirements prior to beginning their service at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School: Complete Safe Environment Curriculum and Background check online through CMG Connect and submit a proof of current TB Immunization.

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Failure to complete the designated number of service hours or fulfill the "buy out" option may make the family ineligible for reenrollment for the next school year.